Will Medicare Be Enough for You?


When we are of a younger age and in good health we seldom stop and think about the time when we will be senior citizens and ready to retire and enjoy life.  This is very unfortunate and many of our senior citizens are totally unprepared when this time comes and many times without a forewarning. As we grow older we seem to think that once we arrive at the golden years, Medicare will be there for us. Unfortunately, times are rapidly changing and Medicare is not as strong as it once was. As we all know, Medicare will cover only 80 percent of our medical costs, not including prescriptions. The remaining 20 percent is paid by the patient and at times the cost to you is quite high.

There are now many different supplement plans that one can purchase which will help take care of your medical expenses and prescription drugs. Looking into the many different medicare supplement plans can be extremely confusing for many of us.  All of the 50 states have medical supplement insurance companies.  As you look into the plans located within your state, it can become mind boggling.  There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel however and it is called the Longevity Alliance. This group works with companies throughout the 50 states but does not officially represent any particular one. Because of this fact, it can help you find the plan that is right for you and your spouse.

When you begin receiving offers from the many different medicare supplements plans it can truly be an extremely trying experience. Longevity Alliance will help you to understand just what each company has to offer and in a way that is easy to comprehend.  You can see just what they can do for you by checking their web site. There is no need to stress yourself by looking through all the different plans out there today.  You then simply fill out a short secure form to get yourself started to a more relaxing time of retirement.  You can do this without having to leave your home. Get that cup of coffee and look into what Longevity Alliance can do to make your future more pleasant.

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