Why Do Adults Continue to Get Acne?


Suffering from acne can be a major letdown for a teenager. As a teenager though you will find that many others your age suffer with the same problem. It used to be considered just a condition that was for teenagers but now many adults are known to suffer from adult acne. It is actually known to be one of the most common skin condition problems of adults.

When adult acne occurs it is considered a complex problem. There are many reasons that adults may suffer from acne. Some of causes may be hormonal shifts, cosmetics,pollution, changing to a different birth control pill, and stress. Stress may actually be one of the most significant reasons for acne in adults. This was shown in a recent study conducted by Stanford University and the Wake Forest School of Medicine. Any situation that may bring stress on could help cause breakouts. It could be as simple as a first date with someone, major test, or a very important job interview. Some of the everyday situations you encounter could be stressful enough to cause an outbreak.

There has recently been a study on a new acne ingredient called iQ101. This ingredient may offer some hope to millions of Americans who suffer from adult acne. The ingredient iQ101, is a retinol based complex that is a combination of Vitamin A with exfoliating agents and sebum regulators. In order to understand how iQ101 works it is best to first know what causes acne. Acne will first develop inside a hair follicle when the excess oils and the dead skin combine to form a plug. The plug will trap the oil under the skin’s surface. As the bacteria multiply and the white blood cells will flood into the follicle to fight infection. The plug will swell and become inflamed . This will form into a pimple. The iQ101 will work on three different levels to help you address your acne problem. The exfoliating agents will work to help clear pores. Surface oils will be reduced by the sebum regulators. The Vitamin A will work to reduce any appearance of bacteria on the skin.

The iQ101 is now secured by a California company and is used in the Clear Remedy acne system. A study was done on this adult acne system by a independent clinical research organization on the effectiveness of it. The results of the survey were quite impressive. The Clear Remedy System cleared 90% of blackheads, whiteheads, and any other blemishes. The study showed that 9 out 10 showed results in as little as 3 days.

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