Where To Get The Best Deals On Designer Jewelry


When it comes to buying jewelry only suckers pay retail.  After all, the mark ups in the jewelry industry are some of the highest of any accessory’s out there.

What Does This Mean For Jewelry Buyers?

Well just that.  If the mark ups for a product are high than the mark downs can also be really low – If you know where to look that is.

And, one of those places is a new service called Bidz.  Bidz specialized in Jewelry auctions where they take name brand designer jewelry – the same sold at retail stores, and “auction” it off for pennies on the dollar.

Some lucky auction winners at Bidz.com are reporting winning auctions for jewelry normally priced in the $200 to $500 dollar range to be had at a 10th the price.

Jenny Carlson out of Las Vegas, Nevada – A place famous for cheaply bought “Pawned” jewelry, reported winning this bracelet for only $23!  This same bracelet can be found in retails store across the country for as much as $200 and sometimes even more.

Why Is Jewelry At Bidz Cheaper Than Everywhere Else?

Well after talking to the people behind Bidz.com we found that as a membership auction service, Bidz is allowed to sell their jewelry for under the “allowed” retail cost many other stores are not.

This give them the ability to mark down all kinds of bracelets and other accessories that every other type of store who sell the same cannot.

What Other Types of Jewelry Does Bidz Sell?

As Bidz.com is famous for it’s wide selection of designer bracelets, that’s certainly not all they have to offer.

In fact, it’s safe to assume Bidz.com to have one of the largest selections of ALL types of jewelry anyone can think to find on the internet.

Bidz.com has hundreds of designer brand watches, Necklaces, Rings, Sunglasses, Earrings, accessories, men’s jewelry, and they even supply loose gemstones for those of you who like to make your own.

The amount of designer brands is also endless.  Bidz has alphabetical listings of hundreds of brands – just about anything you could ever think of finding at any other store.

But, that’s not even the best part. Bidz.com prices are so cheap just about anyone can find something because many of their auctions end with the winning bid under $5!  That means, no matter what your budget, if you want a new piece of jewelry, you can have a new real, designer piece for less than the cost of what it would take some people to drive out to the mall!

How To Buy At Bidz…

If you want to see exactly what Bidz has to offer, make sure you do it soon.  It’s been reported that to maintain their exceptionally low cost prices, Bidz.com may actually have to start charging for a membership!  Now, of course the price couldn’t be more than $50 a year like most other similar “shopping club” services, but if you think your going to be buying any type of new jewelry, get over to Bidz.com and create a free account while you still can.

Once set up, you’re in for life, so no matter what you’ll be free of any membership cost they “may” come up with.

Here’s the link to create a FREE account at Bidz.com


Bidz.com is now offering our users a $25 coupon simply for trying their service out

To claim yours, all you have to do is create a FREE account at Bidz.com using the above link.

If you plan on buying jewelry in the near future, make sure you take advantage of this offer.  When coupons like these come around, they don’t last long!

The coupon code for the special offer is:  BID25

It’s good for $100 dollar orders only, but don’t let that stop you from checking out some of their less expensive items as well.

Everything over there has a great price, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth even if you don’t get to use the coupon.

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