What is the Aqua Globe?


Having a little green around the house is a good thing. I’m talking about plants, not money (if this were about money, then having a lot of green would be good). Plants have a great aesthetic effect in the home. They make it brighter and more comfortable and the break the monotony of seeing only non-living objects around you. They also serve as great sources of positive energy. Whether this is because of the carbon dioxide consuming and oxygen releasing function or more spiritual functions is totally up to you. The problem with plants, though, is that if you’re too busy for a long period of time, they suffer for it. Without constant care, you won’t have plants in the house for too long. This is especially true for those plants that need a constant supply of water. Using the Aqua Globe will help you take care of your plants better without having to jeopardize you busy schedule.

The Aqua Globes are glass containers for your plants water supply. You place them in the plants pot soil and, when the soil dries up and releases oxygen, they will be triggered to release water into the soil. This ensures that the plant always has a constant supply of water while making sure that the soil is not overly moist. It can contain up to 10 days supply of water so you can put it in and be confident that you’re plants will get enough nourishment even when you’re not around. This product is great for busy people who have lots of plants around the house.

There are a few things to remember about the Aqua Globe, though. The device is heavy on top so make sure you have a big enough pot before using it. Also, place it where it won’t get hit by the noon time sun because the glass may magnify it and cause damage to the plant. Lastly, you can try to use water mixed with fertilizer in your Aqua Globe so you’re plants will grow even healthier.

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