Weight Loss Without Exercise?


Let’s face it. There are more overweight people in the United States than in the rest of the world. The food choices available, the time we have to squeeze in meals between work, children’s activities and many times the work we bring home with us has left us with little time to eat healthily and exercise. We pay the price in our bulging waistlines and weight gain instead of weight loss.

When stuck in the rut of trying to lose weight with pills, special diet plans, and other gimmicks that just don’t work, not only are people becoming heavier, but they are more discouraged as well. That is where Sensa comes in. It is a product that is tasteless and odorless that is sprinkled on the food that you eat. It convinces your brain that you are full. It aids in curbing the cravings that everyone seems to get at certain times of the day and convinces you that you are satisfied which keeps you from overeating.

If you are one of the people that have literally tried everything you can think of, barring surgical procedures, to lose weight, then this product may be your revelation. It doesn’t sound like much, just sprinkling your food with what are called “tastants”, but it will revolutionize how you eat. These “tastants” send signals to your brain that you are full and satisfied and don’t need or want anything else to eat. You can use them on any food and you won’t even know you are eating them. However, they pack a big punch to your brain and help you lose weight. Since they don’t affect your digestive system in any way, there are no side-effects. It is a safe way to eat your favorite foods and lose the fat from your body.

Why don’t you need to exercise? Well, exercise is good for you, period. Using the sensa “tastants” for weight loss does not command heavy exercise for you to lose the weight. It is specifically tied in with the amount of food, or calories you are taking in. With a regular day of walking and the exercise you normally get, you should be burning more than you eat in calories. That is the trick to losing weight. Normally, without sensa, you may overeat and take in more than you burn. You can try sensa before paying for it see how well it works. You have nothing to lose accept the weight.

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  1. maureen smyth says:

    read your column ,then our bottels of PREMIUM GARCINIA CAMBOGIA. They state on the bottle 120 mg calcium 180mg potassium 1600mg garcinia cambogia also claims 60% HCA. whats up??

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  2. Sharron Montague says:

    I purchased ORIGINAL GARCINIA CAMBOGIA 100%Natural 6 Bottles $150.00
    Contains. calcium. 50mg. 5%. Planet Fulfillment
    Potassium 50mg. 1%. 3780 Old Norcross Rd suit 103. #10
    Duluth, GA 30096.

    Chromium. 200mcg. 167%
    (Fruit rind)
    Extract (with 60% HCA)
    Packing slip was void of any information excepted of my name and address?no phone number
    On how to reorder. Thank you for your attention Sharron Montague
    srmontague@icloud.com. 928-577-7195
    Can you tell me if I’m wasting my time taking these pills?

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