Top 5 Nail Polish Top Coats


When looking for a strong, effective top coat, you really have to try whatever is out there because so many companies make their own Top Coat product and all of them claim to be the best at preventing chips and breakage. That’s why we at Consumers Guides decided to test some of the best selling nail polish top coats out there so your decision making process can be a bit easier. In our trials, we tested 20 different nail polish Top Coats over the course of several weeks and these are the findings for our top 5 performers:


Our Top Choice:  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, .5 Ounce

Seche Top CoatIt is easy to forget how important a good Top Coat is when everyone is more concerned with the color of their nail polish. But a good Top Coat can really make a subpar polish shine and also help protect your manicure for much longer. The Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat was the clearest, glossiest top coat we could find. It gives nails a professional quality shine and finish. Not only that, but it dries almost instantly and then hardens quickly to prevent potential nicks and scrapes. It does not smear or smudge nail polish. Within two to three minutes, we were able to type, drive, run our fingers through our hair, and even eat. There was very minor shrinkage after application. One drawback we found of the Seche Vite product is that it contains Toulene, which may be dangerous to your health.



Our #2 Choice: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

originalThe Revlon Top Coat was thinner than the Seche Vite polish. With it we also noticed very little shrinkage. The product dries very fast. Unfortunately, cracks appeared after about a week of wear. The Top Coat did not harden enough to completely prevent scratching. It also caused some nail polishes to change color when applied. The polish felt like it needed to be shaken prior to use as the polish was thicker at the bottom of the bottle than it was toward the top.




#3 Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat .45 fluid ounce


The Sally Hansen Double Duty Base Coat was one of the lower-priced products we tested but it’s price compared to its  performance equated to a better value. It had a longer drying time than other Top Coats we tested. This product was also a bit goopier. It had a strong shine and was sufficiently hardened after 15 minutes. Did help prevent chipping and cracking but solution did not feel like it provided complete, hardened protection like the others we tested.




#4 Essie Good To Go! Fast Dry High Gloss Top Coat 15 ml


The Essie Good To Go Held gloss and shine longer than almost anything else we tested. After nearly a week, the polish looked as fresh as the day we applied. Despite its ability to hold shine, the Essie Good To Go was not as protective as other Top Coats we tried as we noticed some chipping after only a couple of days.  There was little to no shrinkage and the coating did not crack.  Product did not clump, went on smooth and was easy to apply. One of the better Top Coats we found, only drawback was it did not last as long as some of the others.





#5 Nicole by OPI Nail Treatment, Top Coat Plus, .5 fluid ounce


The Nicole by OPI Nail Treatment goes on smoothly and dries relatively quickly. There was little clumping unlike other Top Coats we tried. The product was free of  Toulene, unlike the Seche Vite, but it didn’t have the same level of shine or durability as the other higher rated products we tested. We noticed a bit of shrinkage with the under-polish and felt that the nails weren’t as protected as they were with the Seche Vite. Overall, it was one of the better products we tested, but not near the best.






What’s your favorite Nail Polish Top Coat? Let us know in the comments!

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