City Nights Skin Restorative Capsules Review



Proper hydration is essential to preventing wrinkles, fine lines, and the signs of aging. During the night, the skin on your face works to heal itself from the ravages of the day. If it is not fully hydrated, it can cause damage to the outer layers of skin, advancing the signs of aging. City Cosmetics [...]

City Lights Review



If you’re one of the millions of people out there that fear the sun because it can give you dark spots, freckles, or blemishes, you probably do all that you can to protect your skin. But did you know there are actually products out there that can treat freckles and dark spots and lighten them [...]

City Lash Review



For some women, one of the side effects of constantly applying makeup day after day is that their eyebrows and eyelashes begin to thin and fall out. If that wasn’t bad enough, it also just occurs naturally as we age. False eyelashes can be a pain and will only get you so far. Thankfully, if [...]

City Days Review


City Days

As we get older our faces begin to show our age with the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. One of the primary causes of looking older is a lack of proper hydration in our skin. City Cosmetics has a new facial moisturizer called City Days that is specially formulated to combat the everyday [...]

City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream Review



The first signs of aging begin to appear around our eyes, so it’s crucial to do whatever we can to keep those areas of skin properly moisturized and protected to prevent wrinkles. The extremely thin skin around the eyes and sensitive glands means that you can’t just use any lotion or you run the risk [...]