Should You Have A Legal Will?


Over 70% of Americans do not have a legal will. A will is not just for the rich it is a document that everyone should have drawn up. You should not wait until you are in your later years of life. You just never know where life will lead you. It is unpredictable and you do want to be prepared for where life does lead you. A will is considered a must have legal document that ensures the people you love will receive your property, become the guardian of your minor children, and manage your estate upon your death. If you want to bequeath any of your belongings to a charity, church, or school than it can be stated in your will ensuring that happens.

If you die without a legal will the fact is you will not be able to decide where your property goes or your assets. In most instances the state will decide who gets your possessions. It may include your state government, spouse, or other relatives. It does not matter what your relationship is with them or what your wishes are. You will not even have any say in who will take guardianship or your children.

People often put often getting a legal will for many reasons. They are often quoted as saying,” I don’t have enough time”. They will have excuses such as not being able to afford a attorney or to busy to think about it. There are many more they will come up with.There is a new service called,LegalZoom that will address these obstacles for you. This service was founded by a group of attorneys that have worked at prestigious firms who have taken their expertise and make it more accessible for everyone.

They have made a quick and easy online process to creating a legal will. This allows anyone to be able to create a will in just minutes and cost only a fraction of what you would pay a attorney to do the same service. You basically are asked a series of questions in simple English. Then they generate a form and send you copy of a legally binding will to sign. This will is valid in any of the states. With this system there is no reason to put off getting a will. Now you will know that your wishes will be carried out.

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