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Whole Body Research Raspberry Ketones


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Key Benefits:

  • One of the highest serving of potent,  natural raspberry ketones (500 mg) available  per capsule

  • The purest Raspberry Ketones product we could find – has only TWO ingredients (Raspberry Ketones and cellulose)

  • The  most effective for weight loss of the products we reviewed


As you’ve probably already heard, Raspberry Ketones were coined by Dr. Oz in a March 2012 episode as the “number one miracle in a bottle” for burning fat!

But how do you know which Raspberry Ketone product is the best one out there? That’s what we wanted to find out, and after reviewing a few different companies, we recommend Whole Body Research Raspberry Ketones as one of the most effective for weight loss.

What we love about Whole Body Research’s Raspberry Ketones is that they use natural and pure ingredients. They don’t have ANY additives, fillers, or binders, which some other products actually do. And, more importantly, they provide 500 mg of ketones in each capsule.  They also use third party testing, which definitely gives them bonus points. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate nutritional supplements, it is voluntary for companies to test their products with an independent lab. But the companies who go above and beyond to do so are high up there in our searches because we want to know that what’s on the label is what we are actually consuming.

Whole Body Research also has a great money back guarantee e. You have 90 days from the time of purchase to return your used or unused product and get a full refund. And 90 days is plenty of time to get great results!


Some Raspberry Ketone products we found had added ingredients like green tea, caffeine, or other stimulants. Others had binders and unnecessary ingredients that can actually be hazardous to your body. Whole Body Research uses only pure, high-quality ingredients, and they don’t put anything else in their product except cellulose, which is used as their vegetarian capsule to contain the ketones.


So, if you’ve done a fair amount of research yourself, you know that top quality nutritional supplements aren’t cheap. But, they also shouldn’t break the bank. Whole Body Research lands on the higher end, which is actually a good sign for us. There’s a reason that good supplements cost more. It’s all about the ingredients they use, the suppliers they use, and the strict guidelines they follow to ensure that their product is effective.

A Raspberry Ketones product we also like is RightWay Nutrition, which has a lower price tag, but, they also only offer 125 mg of raspberry ketones per capsule. So if you do the math, they end up costing much more when taking the recommended 1000 mg per day serving. 


None of the other Raspberry Ketones we tried were as promising as Whole Body Research’s. We even liked their customer service reps the best. We wanted to try out their 90 day money back guarantee so we called to find out how to return the product and they were SO nice about it, and said they were sorry to hear it didn’t help us lose the weight we wanted. They didn’t ask any pushy questions and they seemed genuinely concerned about our health goals.

How Does Whole Body Research Compare?


Common Questions About Whole Body Research:

  1. How does this product work?

    Raspberry Ketones help stimulate the production of a hormone in the bloodstream called “adiponectin.” Adiponectin is known to regulate your body’s metabolism, affecting your body’s ability to release fat cells to be used for energy. When the body doesn’t have the right levels of adiponectin, it becomes very hard to lose weight. Raspberry Ketones help increase your adiponectin, allowing your fat cells to actually break apart the fat and convert it into energy.

  2. When can I expect to see results?

    Results will very per individual. Whole Body Research ensures that only the finest and purest ingredients are used to create Raspberry Ketones, which is why they will be potent and effective. We’re confident that this product will aid in your weight loss success, which is why we offer a full 90 day money-back guarantee.

  3. What makes this product any different than a cheaper brand I can buy at the store?

    Our quality standard makes this product different than the rest on the market.

    From our research, we know that some cheaper brands of Raspberry Ketones are manufactured with synthetic raspberries and oftentimes have added ingredients such as caffeine and stimulants. A lot of manufactures also use fillers in their products, like magnesium stearate and other synthetic binders.

    At Whole Body Research we only use pure ingredients. We extract our Raspberry Ketones from pounds of real, fresh raspberries so you get optimal potency. It’s an expensive process that delivers you a high quality product with every batch. And, we take every batch and sample test it with an independent, third party lab to ensure the purity and potency of our product.

  4. Are there any side effects with this product?

    There are currently no known side effects with this product.

  5. Do I have to change my diet and exercise in order to see results?

    As with any weight loss program, healthy nutrition and exercise are recommended.

  6. I have gluten allergies. Can I still take this product?

    Yes! Our ingredients have ZERO gluten, which make our products gluten free.

  7. Can Raspberry Ketones be taken with the HCG diet or other low calorie diets?

    The great thing about Raspberry Ketones is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to such a low-calorie diet like the HCG diet. Our Raspberry Ketones simply help your body maintain adiponectin levels, which aids you in burning fat cells.

  8. How do I take this product?

    Simply take 1 Raspberry Ketones capsule (500 mg) with food, twice daily.

  9. Do I have to take this product every day?

    Yes. For your best weight loss results, it is recommended that you do not skip any days of this product. We recommend a 60 – 90 day program for best results.

  10. Why can’t I just eat raspberries to get weight-loss results?

    It would take over 90 pounds of raspberries just to extract the Raspberry Ketones found in 1 capsule. So eating a daily portion of raspberries alone, while good for you, won’t aid in increasing your adiponectin levels.

  11. Will this product interfere with my prescription medications?

    We recommend that you speak to your local pharmacist or health care provider before starting any new supplement program.

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Raspberry Ketone Education


Whole Body Research has a 100% money back guarantee and they stand behind it. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your results, simply return the product and Whole Body Research will give you a full refund.

Our thoughts? We tested Whole Body Research guarantee and had no problems getting a full refund once the product was returned.


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