Mega Women’s Libido Enhancement Review


Mega Women's Libido EnhancementMany women begin to notice a decline in their sexual arousal levels as they get older. To address these issues, Lawrence Supplements has created a new libido enhancer for women called Mega Women’s Libido Enhancement. This product is another addition to the “Mega” line of nutritional supplements for sexual health, developed by a former porn star named John Lawrence.

The pills are intended to increase blood flow and lubrication in the genitals, enhance arousal, and improve overall mood and relaxation. The product contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that include:  Passion Flower, Damiana,  Maca, Epimedium, Tribulus Terrestris, and Arginine.

The capsules are recommended to be taken every day, twice a day and 45 minutes to an hour prior to sexual activity.

Many of the ingredients in the product are widely known and proven aphrodisiacs that have been commonly used for  generations around the world. Arginine has been clinically proven to increase blood flow by raising the nitric oxide levels in the blood which causes the muscles surrounding your capillaries and veins to relax, allowing them to expand and transmit greater volumes of blood. Epimedium, or Horny Goat Weed, as it is more commonly known is a very effective herb for inducing sexual arousal.

If you have been experiencing dryness, a lack of sex drive or libido, and just generally are in a bad mood in the evenings when your partner is in a good one, then Mega Women’s Libido Enhancement could be a viable solution for you.

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