Lip Plumper Buyer’s Guide for 2014

How to get fuller, younger lips naturally — without injections or surgery!

By, Karen Weathers

Senior Editor
Consumers Guides Beauty Advice

Have you ever wondered why your lips don’t look as plump and youthful as they once did? If you’re anything like me, the soft, full lips you pouted in your twenties have been replaced with two thin lines that don’t attract the same kind of attention they used to…

If you’ve experienced thinner, drier or lifeless lips over the years, don’t be alarmed. This is a natural part of the aging process and can be fixed in one simple step.

Here’s why your lips thin out and wrinkle: As you age, your body produces less collagen, the most critical component of full, luscious lips. This causes wrinkles to appear on and around your lip area, as well as an overall thinning of the lips, making them look lifeless and dull.

Without a little help, there isn’t much that you can do to enhance the size of your lips. You cannot force your body to produce more collagen or bargain with the clock to turn back time.

But instead of rushing into painful injections or costly surgeries, you still have an option that has been proven to effectively add fullness to your lips: the Lip Plumper.

A great lip plumper will be able to do what you haven’t been able to do on your own: quickly plump your lips and make you look years younger. Even after just one application, your lips will feel softer, appear fuller and smoother so they can take back the throne as your number one facial feature.

My team and I put the most popular brands to the test to find out which worked wonders and which brands failed to measure up to their huge promises.

Putting Plumpers To The Test:

We tested the most popular lip plumpers, based on the following criteria:

  1. Effectiveness: Did lip size increase? If so, how long did it take and how long did it last? Were there any short-term or lasting side effects?
  2. Satisfaction: Was the product worth the money?
  3. Value: How much were we getting for our dollar? Was the product worth the price tag?

Ingredients That Work:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Spheres™: These dehydrated spheres attract skin’s moisture, causing them to increase to much larger than their original size. This creates maximum hydration and long-term plumping, firming, and smoothing benefits.
  2. Celadrin®: This patented ingredient reduces the breakdown and absorption of newly formed collagen, allowing your lips to fully take advantage of your body’s natural amounts of collagen.

*Results may vary dependent on the individual

Unfortunately, many of the top lip plumpers out there use risky ingredients that do show results, but are dangerous to your health. Below are the ingredients to avoid at all costs:

Ingredients To Avoid:

  • Irritants: : These ingredients are used to increase the size of your lips temporarily. Common irritants include cinnamon, menthol, ginger oil, wintergreen, and pepper resin. Depending on your personal reaction, you could find yourself with painful and embarrassing red and swollen lips that peel, or even worse, develop ulcers! Even if the side effects aren’t visible to others, the “results” rarely outlast the discomfort.

What We Recommend:

If you swipe on a plumper and you immediately feel intense burning or irritation, we highly recommend switching brands. Remember that these negative sensations don’t mean that the product is working in your favor, you should actually be able to SEE results.

Also, choose a plumper that has been clinically proven to stimulate the production of collagen, and not only makes your lips look plumper as soon as you put it on, but also gives your lips a naturally plumper look in the long run. Over time, a good plumper should give you plumper lips around the clock even after you wiped it off.

During our testing phase, we found that very few brands offer a treatment without tricks, false promises, or a list of side effects as long as the list of ingredients!

The following three brands met all of our strict approval standards and proved that they’re capable of giving you the fullest plump for your money. If you choose any of the following, we are 100% confident that you’ll be happy with your purchase:

What You're Going To Learn:
How To Choose The Best Lip Plumper For The Money
The Ingredients Proven To Cause Results
How Not To Get Ripped Off By Expensive, Ineffective Products

6 Rating Factors In Evaluating Lip Plumpers:
Clinical Studies
Proven Ingredients
Safe Ingredients
Opaque Packaging
Proven Reputation
Real User Reviews

City Cosmetics Advanced Collagen Plumping Treatment

Proven Ingredients
Real Clinical Trials
Positive User Reviews
Company Reputation
Never Tested On Animals




Our #1 Top Choice: City Cosmetics Advanced Collagen Plumping Treatment

There’s been so much hype around City Cosmetics Advanced Collagen Plumping Treatment, that we just had to put it to the test! City Cosmetics Advanced Collagen Plumping Treatment has been featured on the news, in magazines, and has even won a Good House Keeping award. The award award-winning formula uses a revolutionary technology to provide instant and long-lasting results. Soon after the very first application, this plumper increased softness, smoothness, and lip volume! These were the fastest results we found, in comparison to any of the other brands that we tested.

Here are our favorite parts about City Cosmetics Advanced Collagen Plumping Treatment (we couldn’t choose just one):

  • Collagen-enhancing ingredients instead of the use of harsh irritants
  • Immediate and long-lasting results
  • A wide variety of color options (7 shades)
  • Best of all, this plumper doubles as a treatment, offering benefits that other plumpers cannot

Click on the link below to read our full review. We encourage you to send us your personal thoughts on this product, and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Read Full Review And Learn More About City Cosmetics Advanced Collagen Plumping Treatment>>

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#2 Second Choice: Lip Fusion Micro-Collagen Lip Plump Color Shine Review

LipFusion claims to be a long-lasting lip plumper with moisturizing benefits. We think you’ll like its non-sticky, glossy shine just as much as we did. Take a look at our second place plumper!

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#3 Third Choice: Lip Venom

As the self-proclaimed first plumper on the market, this classic gloss is created with essential oils to give lips a boost. Even though this product uses some ingredients we've frowned upon, we’ll tell you why Lip Venom still ranks number three on our list of top picks.

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