Dr. Mercola Pure Antarctic Krill Oil Review


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Key Benefits

  • Good Amount of Omega-3s and Astaxanthin: while it didn't have the most of any product we tried, there's still plenty of good stuff in these capsules
  • No Fish Smell or "Burpback": like other krill oils, this product won't give you a fishy aftertaste or repeat all day


  • No Listing of Ingredients: the manufacturer recently pulled all ingredient lists from labels and the website, so you have no idea what else is in it
  • Reduced Potency: while the label says it's "new and improved," comparison with prior labels shows that it actually has less Omega-3s and astaxanthin than it used to
  • Overpriced: while the sticker price seems low, when see what you're getting you realize you have to take almost 2x as much of this to get the same results as other high-quality krill oils


Dr. Mercola's Pure Antarctic Krill Oil is another in his long line of health supplements. While the doctor certainly makes a powerful case for krill oil on his website, we decided to put his personal krill oil to the test to see if he practices what he preaches.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, or a one-month supply, as you're supposed to take 2 per day. In each daily dose, you get 100 mg of EPA and 55 mg of DHA...good numbers, but certainly not the best out there.

The pills themselves are small and go down easily. One issue with them is that they tend to leak, however, and we had difficulty finding a bottle without at least on leaky capsule. This is a minor annoyance, but can contribute to a "fishy" smell when you open the bottle.

Taking the capsules is convenient, as there's no aftertaste or "burpback" like you get with fish oil. While this is true of many krill oils, it's a good sign that you're getting pure krill oil without additives.

After taking this supplement for a few weeks, you should see results in terms of pain lessening, cholesterol improving, and mood brightening.

However, if you take only the recommended dosage, you won't get as much antioxidants as many authorities recommend, and to take enough capsules to get that suggested dosage (about 4 per day) you'll double your cost.

This Catch-22 is one of the primary reasons why we couldn't rank Dr. Mercola's product any higher than #2 on our list. While this is still a good product, and you will see results from it, there are other available krill oils that offer better value and effectiveness.


It's difficult to rank this product's safety, as the ingredient list isn't published and if you call to ask about either the ingredients or manufacturing process, you'll be told that it's a proprietary secret.

The lack of burpback suggests that this is at least primarily pure krill oil, and Dr. Mercola's reputation makes us believe that there's nothing dangerous or unsavory in these pills. However, that's not something we can confirm, due to their privacy practices.


While you can purchase Dr. Mercola's krill oil for about $20-25, which is seemingly a good price, the relatively watered-down dosage would require you to take 2x as much to get the same results as other krill oils. This also effectively doubles the price, eliminating one of the strongest advantages this oil had going for it.


It's hard to find anything "wrong" with this product, but at the same time, there's not a lot that stands out about it either. It's a perfectly decent krill oil, but there are better options out there (especially our top-ranked oil from Whole Body Research).

While we don't think you'll regret buying Dr. Mercola's Pure Antarctic Krill Oil, we doubt you'll regret shopping around first, either.

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