Is Google Glass The Next Big Thing?



At one point, Google Glass was speculated by tech enthusiasts as a myth, never to be seen by human eyes.

In February 2013, the Google Glass “Explorer Program” was launched, allowing people to apply into the program. The requirements were fairly simple: Applicants had to state why they should be one of the lucky few, by posting a 50 words or less message using the hashtag “#ifihadglass” in the message on Google+ or on Twitter.

Once selected, these successful applicants were required to attend the Google Glass orientation event in New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Applicants were reminded not to forget the small fee of $1,500 USD.

Why Wear Google Glasses?

In its current stage in the market, Google Glass is still relatively new. Tech writers that have written articles Google Glass for a product reviews all point out that the most common reaction met by locals is to “point and stare” or to have pictures and video taken of the still new technology.

Wearing a pair of Google Glasses in public will draw celebrity-sized attention to the ordinary person, especially if said person is speaking commands to his Google Glasses out loud. It should also be pointed out that to do a voice command, the wearer has to tilt his or her head upwards 30 degrees, or touch the touchpad before saying, “Okay Glass take a picture.” Users can insert their command of choice, from getting directions, to taking pictures/videos, to sending messages to contacts in their address book.

A person out and about in public wearing Google Glasses may point out that this person is technologically savvy, and probably has an excess of consumption money to use as an early adopter of new technology.

Google Glass Applications, or “Glassware”

Google Glass is no stranger to apps, which are commonly found on smartphones and iPhones. However, Google Glass apps are terms as “Glassware;” these apps being free to Google Glass users. Google has made it very clear that developers may not charge fees or put ads in their Glassware apps, but a Google representative has gone on record to say that this is not a permanent edict.

The Google Glass Privacy Controversy

Various businesses have banned Google Glass from their premises, most notably, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Other small businesses have also banned Google Glass from entry inside their establishments.

The most obvious concern is that Google Glass wearers have the ability to take pictures and/or video, and some business owners just aren’t comfortable with negative media being posted online. A viral video or picture could have negative or positive ramifications, with most business owners fearing the negative publicity.

What Will it Take for Google Glass to Catch on?

For Google Glass to be the next big thing, it has to be popular among smartphone and iPhone users, since Google Glass will most likely be tethered to a smartphone or iPhone for data usage.

It can also be used over Wifi, but that limits the Google Glass wearer to the range of the Wifi.

If Google Glass makes their product affordable to all, then this will be a technology that everyone will want to get in on.


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  1. Kathy Mariah Jones says:

    Google Glass is going where no one else has ever gone before. The Jetson’s life style is not just science fiction anymore, reality is here and not just for the “Lifestyles of the rich and famous.” The negatives will abound but the positive aspects should far outweigh them. Just wish I could afford a pair!

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