Imagine a Non Snoring Night’s Sleep


Snoring is the sound resulting from air passages obstructed while breathing when sleeping.  At times the snoring sound can be soft and unnoticeable or the sound can be loud and bothersome.  Snoring normally involves the uvula and soft palate with the irregular airflow caused by a blockage.  Blockage is can be cause by the following:

·         Throat weakness resulting in the throat to close up during sleep

·         Misplaced jaw cause by strain in muscles

·         Nasal passages blocked

·         Fat assembling in the region of the throat

There are many causes that can create snoring.  The ones mentioned above are a few of the common causes.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea also known as OSA is diagnosed after a sleep study is conducted.  Sleep apnea causes one to quit breathing as they sleep; this can occur hundreds of times throughout the night.  The result is sleep deprivation, daytime drowsiness, and irritability to name a few.

The treatment for OSA is a surgery to cut or shrink tissue in the back of the throat, surgery to remove or shorten the uvula, or a CPAP face mask machine.  The CPAP machine forces air into the lungs keeping the airways open during sleep.  Another alternative is an oral mouthpiece worn during sleep that forces the lower jaw out resulting in keeping the airway clear.  None of the choices are cure alls that eliminate sleep apnea.  What method may work for one individual, may not for another making the cost of surgery expensive and not guaranteed.

There is another option one should consider.  This is a breakthrough new product called a chinstrap.  This strap is ergonomic and fits over the head and chin.  It holds the jaw in place which allows the airways to remain clear.  This eliminates snoring as one sleeps.  This chinstrap is clinically proven in a case study conducted by Eastern Virginia Medical School.  They found it to be just as effective in treating sleep apnea as a CPAP machine and less expensive.

The MySnoringSolutions company offers the chinstrap at an affordable price and a three month guarantee.  This leaves no risk one will be stuck with a remedy that does not work for them.  If you are looking to get rid of snoring and have a peaceful night’s sleep; the chin strap can possibly be the solution you are looking for.

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