How to Make Your PC as Fast as the Day You Bought It


A new computer always works fast and performs the functions exceptionally well. But with time it starts to slow down. It can take minutes to open up a program. What is the problem? The usual culprits are registry errors, spyware and viruses. These issues can be fixed with the help of software, like registry cleaner anti-virus and spyware removal tool. Even a computer amateur can do it without any special training.

When a program is installed, the computer creates a list of instructions for it. When the program is removed, the list remains in the computer and the system tries to start up the program. A registry error occurs because the program no longer exists. Since the computer tries to find the program it takes longer to perform other functions. After using a registry cleaner program to remove the lists of instructions from the registry, the computer starts to perform like new again. Registry cleaner programs can be downloaded free from trusted websites or purchased at a computer store. It should be run regularly to ensure good computer performance

Spyware is another cause of slow computer performance. Spyware is a program that invades the computer via downloaded files or email attachments. It tracks the information, such as web browsing, cookies and personal information. It can use email to send spam to others. Spyware removal tool scan the system, locates spyware and removes it. Viruses are the worst computer enemies. Not only they can steal personal information, change and delete files, they can cause the whole system to crash. In this case all of the information stored on the computer is lost. A good anti-virus software scans, finds and removes viruses. It also protects from any attacks. These programs can be found online free of charge or at a local computer store for a low fee. Generally, it is not recommended to download files or programs online, unless the source is trustworthy. Many of these files contain malicious software that can slow down or even damage the system.

How to speed up your PC.

The simplest thing anyone can do to make your old computer run faster and more efficiently is by cleaning the systme registry.  Doing that will remove all the unwanted clutter that over time slowly degrades your system.

The tool we recommend for this is called PC Health Advisor

Here’s how this program makes your computer run faster:

First: Cleans and repairs your systems registry. This makes sure there is nothing bogging down the operations of Windows,

Second: Remove unwanted start up programs: Those are usually the annoying sypware updates, adobe updater, instant message programs, and other programs that somehow think they help by automatically starting themselves every time you turn on your computer.

Third: Malware removal: Many times there are programs running in the background that you are not aware of.  PC Health Adviser finds all of these, list them, than make they are needed and if not gives you the option to get rid of them.

Forth: Manage Restore Points and Customize Windows Settings. These are the many over looked operations of Window that are used within your operating system to keep in running at full potential.   PC Health Puts these all in one category and explains to you how to use them, what they are for and what they will do.  This is a must have if you’re not familiar with general Windows maintenance.

To get PC Health Advisory, simply visit their website and download the software.  Once downloaded it’ll give you a quick demo of what it can do and than you can decide if this software is right for you or not.

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