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Do Hair Vitamins REALLY Stop Hair From Falling out and
give you fuller, thicker hair?

By, Karen Weathers

Senior Editor
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If your hair is thinning or starting to fall out, the best thing you can do is take a hair vitamin.

These vitamins promote the growth of hair, skin and nails by encouraging the production proteins associated with the cells responsible for that growth.

But, the one common concern for women who have never taken these vitamins before is.. "Do they really work?" And, this is a very valid concern. As you have probably seen, there are dozens of products and devices that all tell you how well they can help you "Grow Hair", and as we both know, many of them just plain don't work.

So do these hair vitamins work?

Here at ConsumersGuides we did the research to see exactly what real users of these supplements are saying..  What we found was nothing short of amazing.

What We Found:

We were a bit skeptical of these supplements at first, but after reading just a few of the reviews for these vitamins, we were convinced.

Women with all types of issues that cause hair to thin or fall out take these supplements.. and the amazing thing is, we had A LOT of trouble find ANY of them claiming these they don't work!  Yes, you heard me correctly - We read dozens or reviews from all types of women with all types of hair loss issues and we found almost none from women who say hair vitamins don't work!  Amazing!

What Do Women Say About Hair Vitamins?

The most common reason women take hair vitamins is when they notice their hair either getting thin or starting to fall out. Now this can happen for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it's hereditary, sometimes it's a medical issue, sometimes it just comes with age.  But what we found was that where ever it comes from, hair vitamins can help.

Women say that after taking these vitamins, their hair starts to grow at a rapid pace.  "1 inch in one month" claims one woman.  Others say how their hair stylist notice and ask if they're doing something different.  Many women claim how after only 1 short week they notice their hair to STOP falling out.  Others with "thin or bald" spots notice these start to fill in in very short amounts of time. 

What's really great is how it makes these women feel.  We read one story from a woman who dreaded washing her hair because she would lose so much when she did.  After taking hair vitamins for only 3 weeks she cannot wash her hair with no worries.

Other benefits of hair vitamins

One of the things many women don't notice about hair vitamins is what they do for your skin and nails.  The same proteins that help promote hair growth also work to create new nail and skin growth. With these vitamins you'll also have more radiant skin and healthier nails.  In fact, many dermatologist recommend taking these same vitamins to address common skin issues from acne to dry skin or to just have a more healthier radiant appearance.

The Bottom Line:

Women swear by hair vitamins as an essential supplement to take for hair loss or thinning hair. If you have any concerns about your hair, you should definitely add this to your supplement routine.  And, not only will you reap the benefits of thicker, healthier hair, that grows faster, you'll also notice benefits with your skin and nails.

We normally don't do this, but because of SO many good things we read about these supplements, we would whole, heartedly recommend that every woman give these vitamins a try.  As far as beauty goes, this really is the ultimate supplement.
Which one  should you use?

Be careful when choosing a hair vitamin.  We found the quality of these supplements varies greatly, and if you choose the wrong one, you won’t get the results you should.  But don’t worry, because we know how much these vitamins will mean to you, we did the research to find the very best.  We had our guys dig deep into dozens of hair supplements and find out exactly which ones women are reported the best results with.  Below are our top choices for the very best in hair vitamins.  Choose the top one and be prepared to see the results for yourself!

Karen Weathers,

What You're Going To Learn:
How to Safely and Effectively Stop Hair Loss
How to Tell the Difference Between a Quality Supplement and a Pretender
Which Product We Feel Is The Best You Can Buy

6 Rating Factors In Evaluating Hair Products:
Clinical Studies
Proven Ingredients
3rd-Party Verified
Easy-to-Swallow Capsules
Trusted Reputation
Real User Reviews

Proven Ingredients
Outperformed Every Other Supplement We Tested
Positive User Reviews
Company Reputation
3rd-Party Verified




#1 Top Choice: Whole Body Research Hair Repair Formula for Women

Out of all the products we looked at, Whole Body Research's Hair Repair specifically designed for women is the one to use.

Women with thinning hair or hair that is falling out, report amazing things about this product.

Many claim a noticeable difference after just a few short weeks. Others say their stylist notices and ask what they are doing different.

Women with thin or bald spots, say this is the product that helped. One woman even said she tried everything and nothing worked until you started taking Hair Repair.

Made using the most proven, highest quality vitamins and herbal extracts, Whole Body Research's Hair Repair goes above and beyond all the other hair products on the market.

Comparable products cost around $49.00 per bottle, but Whole Body's Hair Repair goes for $28.99 - A bargain for how high of quality this formula really is.

Click the link below to learn more about Hair Repair and get started today.

Read Full Review And Learn More About Whole Body Research's Advanced Hair Repair Formulas>>

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# 2 Second Choice: Shen Min Formulas

The consensus second place pick were the Shin Men Formulas for men and women. While these provided results, they took a lot longer than the Whole Body Research products.

These formulas do use proven ingredients, though, so if the quickest results arn't a concern for you, these can be excellent options.

They are a little more expensive, though, so you'll actually be paying a little more for slower performance. This is why we can't rank them higher than #2.


Read Full Review And Learn More About Shen Min>>





Honorable Mention: BioSil

Rounding out the top three was Biosil. Filled with collagen, keratin, and elastin, this can help restore your hair, though not as quickly or completely as our top two choices.

Additionally, it's one of the more expensive supplement options, so we'd recommend using it only after giving one of the other options a try first.


Read Full Review >>

P.S.While the Whole Body Research Hair Formulas were the best supplements we found, we would still love to hear about any others you've tried. If you have had a great experience of your own, please send me an email at KarenWeathers44@gmail.com with the details. We'll check it out and if it looks good, we'll post it here.


Karen Weathers



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