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Key Benefits:

  • Hands-down the best hair products we reviewed.

  • No fillers, binders, synthetic or unnecessary ingredients. The highest-quality ingredients shown to promote healthier hair.

  • Positive customer reviews, with some reports of significant hair growth in two weeks.

  • Great price and better customer service.


We found that the Whole Body Hair Vitamins were exceptionally effective. They included several ingredients that have been shown to work in studies, including saw palmetto powder, silicon, folate, biotin, and collagen.

On top of that, the researchers at Whole Body Research balance each blend specifically to men and women’s different hair needs. So you can get exactly what your body needs for strong, lush hair.

The customers we spoke to love the customer service, return policy, and--most importantly--the supplements themselves. None of the other companies we researched had happier customers.

Whole Body Research used some of the highest-quality ingredients we saw in our test. And they never use synthetic ingredients, fillers, or binders, which means we know exactly what’s going into our body.

They also third-party test all of their products to guarantee the ingredients are of the best quality and in the proportions they claim. Not enough supplement companies take this extra step, but with both their HH550 formula for men and the Hair Repair for Women, they guaranteed the quality of their products.

Whole Body Research wowed us in all the categories that matter: ingredients, customer reviews, and customer service.


Some hair vitamins include unnecessary ingredients like caffeine or synthetics that act as fillers. We really don’t like seeing these shortcuts in supplements, and were, of course, thrilled when we saw that Whole Body Research never uses them.

In fact, Whole Body Research steers clear of all that nonsense, focusing on finding the highest-quality ingredients and putting them into their hair vitamins. They also use proportions that matched what has been shown to work in clinical studies.

There’s also pretty much no chance of this supplement interfering with other medical conditions or medications--though if you do have a concern, you should always consult your doctor first.


This was one of the major reasons we selected Whole Body Research’s hair vitamins as our #1 picks. Some other companies will charge the same amount of money for an inferior product, or one that isn’t targeted to men and women, individually. Others offer the same product at two or three times the price.

Whole Body Research has found a way to offer an incredible hair product at one of the most competitive prices we’ve seen.

Add to that their customer-verified return policy--customers have 90 days to return any products they didn’t like--and Whole Body Research leads the pack by a mile when it comes to value and trust.

None of the other products we tested could match Whole Body Research’s hair supplements. They delivered results across all our categories, and can’t be beat as far as purity, cost, and customer satisfaction go. If you’re thinking of trying a hair supplement, then Whole Body Research’s supplement is the only one for you.


How Does Whole Body Research Hair Compare?


User Reviews:


“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I cannot tell you enough how glad I am that I started taking the hair repair product. It has done wonders for my thinning hair. Before it was dry and brittle and I DREADED running my fingers through it because I would always find strands that broke off or fell out. It’s much, much stronger and just seems healthier. Before it was like it was dead, but now it feels alive again.” --Carol, Harrisburg, TN

"Love it"

“I had dermatitis that caused patches of my hair to fall out so my dermatologist suggested an anti-fungal shampoo and a hair supplement, so I bought this one. It actually seems to be working! “ –Mikaela, Portland, ME

"Silky smooth"

“I bleach and dye my hair a lot so it’s really over-processed and dry and no matter how much conditioner I use it just feels like hay, so I bought this as a hair vitamin to try and fix it from the inside out and it’s working great! My hair is feeling more and more silky every day. ” –June, Tampa


“Wow, I just wanted to say I was amazed at how fast my hair started growing after taking your hair repair supplement.” –Kathy, Youngstown, OH


“I only just started taking it about three weeks ago but your women’s hair supplement has become my HG. I had been trying to grow my hair out for years but it was tough. My hair is growing so fast now I can’t believe it. This stuff is awesome. I’m carrying it in my purse with me now so I can take it anywhere.” --Gale, Temecula, CA

"Really helps"

“I wanted to write you to say thank you. I just finished undergoing chemotherapy in March and my hair started to grow back but it was coming back in really wiry and thin. I started taking the hair repair formula and there’s been a major difference in how fast and thick it’s coming back. I’m not completely there yet, but I can tell this product is working and I am so happy I found it.” –Hannah, Dallas,TX


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Whole Body Research has one of the strongest guarantees in the industry and they stand behind it. If you don't experience the results described, Whole Body Research demands you return the product for a full refund.

Our thoughts? We tested Whole Body Research guarantee and had no problems getting a full refund once the product was returned.


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