How to Pick the Best Products for Erasing Eye Wrinkles, Dark Circles, and Puffiness

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Cosmetics for Restoring Your Youthful Radiance

By, Karen Weathers

Senior Editor
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My job as a beauty blogger means that my friends are constantly grilling me for advice. They want solutions to their skin problems, product recommendations, and tips for looking their best, no matter their age.

Fortunately, my job here at provides me with a ton of information that I can use to help them. I have access to user reviews that companies keep hidden from the public, data from clinical trials, and results of side-by-side competitions.

I've used my expertise to help my friends look their best, and I'd like to do the same for you.

The most common question I get by far is, "Can you help me do something about my eyes?"

To which I usually respond, "Of course. What would you like help with?"

This question usually opens the floodgates. In my experience, the concerns women bring up most frequently are:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet- your eyes reveal your age worse than any other part of your face, so getting these problem areas under control is one of the first things you should do

  • Dark circles- discoloration under the eyes can make you look tired and run-down, no matter how much sleep you got last night. Eliminating these dark circles can make a world of difference

  • Puffiness- if the skin around your eyes is swollen, you're going to look- and feel- a lot older than you are. Reducing this puffiness is one of the quickest ways to turn back the clock on your appearance


My advice to them is always the same: you need to find a high-quality eye cream.

At this point, they usually look disappointed. "But Karen," they say, "I've tried so many, and NONE of them have worked!"

I understand this frustration. In fact, I've been there myself. And if I didn't have access to mountains of information about these products, I might still be there today.

But the fact of the matter is, a good eye cream is an essential part of your beauty regimen. Finding a product that targets and treats the problems you're experiencing is the only way to make a noticeable change in your appearance.

And in this guide, I'm going to show you exactly what to look for when shopping for eye creams, and how to pick the best product for the problems you're looking to address. With this step-by-step tutorial, you'll never have to worry about choosing an ineffective product again.

How to Fight Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Crow's Feet

If wrinkles are your primary concern, you need something that can tighten your skin and fill in the lines.

Wrinkles are basically caused by losing the collagen and fat (who knew you'd ever be upset over losing fat?) underneath your skin. This causes your skin to sag, and because you lose elasticity in your skin as you age, creases begin to form in your skin- wrinkles.

To reduce their appearance, as well as stop new ones from forming, you need to restore the collagen while also tightening your skin. To do this, I recommend the following ingredients:

  • Argireline- this compound penetrates deep into the skin, filling in wrinkle depth and smoothing out lines and creases

  • Witch hazel and other astringents- these compounds lift sagging skin, helping to restore youth and vitality

  • Retinyl- this moisturizer helps create new collagen, plumping your skin and filling in those lines and wrinkles

Look for these key ingredients in any eye cream you're considering purchasing. Bottom line, if the cream doesn't have at least some (and preferably all) of these ingredients, keep looking.

Some products that I personally recommend to fight crow's feet are City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream, Kinerase Restructure Firming Eye Cream, and Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Eye.

How to Eliminate Dark Circles

If you have constant dark circles under your eyes, then you already know how annoying it can be to see raccoon eyes staring back at you every time you look in the mirror.

Dark circles are caused by a variety of factors, including genetics and sun exposure, but most of the time they're due to either a loss of collagen, or a difference in melanin production.

To combat dark circles, look for:

  • Matrixyl 3000- this incredible chemical helps restore pigment balance, evening skin tone and erasing discoloration

  • Peptides- peptides can increase collagen production, helping to fill in the under-eye area and diminish darkness

  • Hyaluronic acid- this moisturizer plumps up skin cells, boosting the thin skin under your eyes and hiding circles

If you primarily want an eye cream that reduces dark circles, I recommend Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream, City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream, and Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Repair.

How to Reduce Puffiness

Puffy eyes are one of the tell-tale signs of fatigue, and nobody wants to look tired all the time. Reducing puffiness is an excellent way to make yourself look younger and more beautiful.

Puffiness can be caused by allergies, fluid retention, stress, hormone changes, and other reasons. To reduce puffiness, you need a cream that addresses most of these factors.

Read the label to make sure your cream has:

  • Retinyl- this synthetic form of Vitamin A helps to soothe your eyes, reducing swelling and restoring vibrance

  • Antioxidants like green tea- these clear out free radicals and nourish your skin, making it look younger and healthier

  • Aloe vera- this has long been known as one of nature's most potent allergy fighters, which can decrease puffiness caused by environmental factors

My favorite creams for puffiness are Lancome Absolue Eye Premium BX, Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream, and City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream (notice how this one keeps cropping up? There's a reason for that, which I'll get to shortly).

What To Do If You Suffer from All 3 Issues

I've laid out the ingredients you need to address each issue, so you would simply need to compare labels to find the one that covers the most bases. Otherwise, you would need to purchase separate products for each issue.

That can get expensive fast, though, so it's better to find one that can do everything you need. If you looked at my recommendations above, though, one product came up in every category.

Simply put, if I had to recommend just one product that can have the greatest impact on your eye area, it would be City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream. It can address all three major complaints, and it won't break the bank. It's what I recommend to my friends when they come to me for advice, and I've yet to hear anything but rave reviews.

Of course, you should do your own research and try products to see which one works best for you. You may just find that one of the other products I mentioned (or even one that I didn't) gives you better results.

What I want you to take away more than anything, though, is that if you suffer from wrinkles, puffiness, or dark circles, there are things you can do. Finding the right eye cream for you is the most important step in making you as young and beautiful as you deserve to be.

What You're Going To Learn:
How To Choose The Best Wrinkle-Reducing Eye Cream For The Money
The Ingredients Proven To Cause Results
How Not To Get Ripped Off By Expensive, Ineffective Products

6 Rating Factors In Evaluating Wrinkle Reducers:
Clinical Studies
Proven Ingredients
Paraben- and sulfite-free
Opaque Packaging
Proven Reputation
Real User Reviews

city views

Proven Ingredients
Real Clinical Trials
Positive User Reviews
Company Reputation
Never Tested On Animals




#1 Top Choice: CITY Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream

If you've ever thought about trying a wrinkle reducer, this is the one to use.

Time and time again we heard nothing but amazing things about City Views.

Women say this is one of the few products that really does do what it claims.

They say it leave their eyes refreshed and hydrated making them feel years younger.

One women even said the few times she did not use it, people told her she looked tired around the office.

Other women comment about how effective this cream is at smoothing out under eye bags and lightening dark circles.

Why is City Views so effective? It's in the ingredients it uses.

The secret to City Views lies in its unique configuration of proven ingredients, including Argireline, Matrixyl-3000, and Retinyl. City Views is one of the few products out there that uses these ingredients in the right amounts to be effective on all the eye's signs of aging. It's a very unique formula that is quickly rising to the top as one of the most effective eye creams on the market.

If you're looking for an eye cream that truly is one that delivers results, City Views is the product to use.

At this time, we've found that the best way to order City Views is direct from their website.

You can check it out with the link below. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you. We know you won't be disappointed.

Read Full Review And Learn More About City Views>>

Where To Order City Views>>




# 2 Second Choice: Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream

The consensus second place pick was Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream, which came closest to replicating the results of City Views.

However, we had concerns with some of the ingredients, and the price tag might scare some consumers away, which kept this product from the top tier of wrinkle reducers.

Read Full Review >>




#3 Third Choice: Lancome Absolue Eye Premium BX

Rounding out the top three was Lancome Absolue Eye Premium BX. This was an excellent product in many respects, but just didn't make a strong enough impact on fine lines and wrinkles to challenge City Views.

Additionally, it was very pricey, which is surprising given that it didn't have any of the compounds that traditionally drive up the price of wrinkle reducers.

Read Full Review >>

P.S.While City Views is the best wrinkle reducing eye cream we've found, we would still love to hear about any other eye creams you've tried. If you have you had a great experience with an eye cream of your own, please send me an email at with the details. We'll check it out and if it looks good, we'll post it here.


Karen Weathers


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