Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller Review


Chillsner Corkcicle Beer Chiller ReviewWith summer finally here, the temperatures have certainly begun to heat up and if you’re like most people that are planning to hit your fair share of pool parties and BBQs this season, you’re probably going to be knocking back a few cold brews while you’re at it. For the slow beer drinkers out there, you’re probably used to getting halfway through the bottle and finding it warm and not as tasty to drink. Foam beer cozies have long been the saviour of the slow drinker, but if you’ve ever tried to use one with a bottle, you might have found it only loosely fit and didn’t give you that much insulation. Well now there’s a company that has set forth to solve this centuries-old dilemma. It’s called Corkcicle and they make a product called the “Chillsner” that is essentially a gel-filled steel spike tube that you freeze and then insert into your beer bottle to drink through to keep your beer chilled until you’ve finished it.

What’s our take? Warm beer is awful. This has long been a Summer problem and at Consumers Guides we are always happy to find a new invention to solve an old problem. The Chillsner Corkcicle is stainless steel, with a drink-through design– so you pop in the Corkcicle and can begin drinking right away. The stainless steel frame of the Corkcicle houses a cooling gel that once frozen, helps to lower the temperature of whatever beer you insert it into.

Here’s what we found. The Corkcicle did a decent job of keeping cold beer cool, but we were really hoping for something to rapidly cool warm beers.But ┬áthat’s not what the Corkcicle was designed to do, so we give it a pass in that area. The Chillsner Corkcicle worked surprisingly well, but we found that after a few hours we were wishing we had a few more sets to keep rotating them in and out. It was a bit difficult to remove for some of the weaker drinkers here at Consumers Guides, but most of us had no problem inserting and removing the device. The drink-through design allowed us to insert the Chillsner Corkcicle and start drinking right away, and did a good job at keeping a seal around the mouth of the bottle.

Would we recommend? If you’re tired of the old foam beer cozie and want something a bit more high-tech (and a lot more expensive) then this is a good product. Don’t expect it to rapidly cool your warm beer, but it will make it a bit easier to drink than nothing at all. Overall, we’d say this is decent for a novelty invention– the product did work as advertised, but with all of the refreezing, dishwashing, and switching every time you open a new beer, it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

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