City Lips – Does It Work?


citylipsCity Lips – Good Housekeeping claims this is the best product on the market for fuller lips that reduce the signs of aging.  But is it?

A quick glance at the reviews of City Lips show mixed results.  Many women love it and some even swear by it.  But others are not so satisfied. There are a few complaints about the container and some women say it doesn’t work for them.

What’s our take?

We wanted to get to the bottom of whether or not City Lips really is the lip plumper that gets results like the Good Housekeeping study says, and if so, where do these negative reviews come from?

To do this we decided to test it our self.

To test City Lips, we put together a group of 12 women of different ages and had them try City Lips for 30 days.

Here’s what we found:

What we found was very interesting.  In our group the majority of the women (9 to be exact) were over the age of 40.  Only 3 were younger and only 1 was under 30.

What we found was that for the every woman over 40, City Lips worked amazingly.  Every one of them saw results and some of them couldn’t believe the effect.

However, for the younger women, the effects were less and one claimed she saw nothing at all, but did say it made her lips smoother.

Why is this? Why did City Lips not work as well for our younger women as it did for the ones over 40?

We found that City Lips is designed for older women as a lip treatment.  As women age, their lips actually shrink.  City Lips pulls moisture back into the cells and causes them to swell back to what they once were in their younger years. This is a rejuvenating effect where older women will see much better results than younger women.

However, City Lips should not be overlooked by younger women.  City Lips is an Anti-Aging lip treatment.  This means it is a Preventative for lip aging.  So for younger women, even if City Lips does not give you the plumping benefit, it will still prevent the signs of aging on your lips.

Bottom Line:

Do we recommend City Lips?

Yes.  City Lips is one of the few anti-aging lip plumping treatment that really does work and really does moisturize your lips keeping them healthy as well as rejuvenating them for older and younger women alike.

City Lips can be ordered on the City Lips website below:

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