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Helps Drops Dress Sizes Quickly and Easily
Tightens and Tones Loose Skin
Reduces the Visibility of Stretch Marks
Gets Rid of Dimpling and Orange Peel Texture
Uses Only Safe and Effective Ingredients

Sells Out Fast
Only Available Online

Best Uses:
For a Slimmer Waist
To Reduce Belly Fat
For a Complete Body Transformation
To Get Rid of Specific Targeted Problem Areas

Cellumatrix Body Sculpting Cream Review


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Key Benefits:

  • Best reported results of all Cellulite Cream. Multiple users report that this cream helped them lose a full dress size in the first four weeks and made their skin and figure more tight and toned than any other creams they've tried.
  • Contains proven ingredients: Cellumatrix is one of the few products that contains all of the ingredients that are proven to work without dangerous side effects: seaweed, intenslim, bodyfit, phytosonic, and body3complex.
  • Priced very affordably for the quality of ingredients: A single bottle of Cellumatrix can last up to 3 months.


Cellumatrix Body Sculpting Cream is a total-body slimming and contouring cream that uses ingredients proven to remove fat pockets, stretch marks, sagging skin and many other types of body and skin problems. Its active ingredients include seaweed, intenslim, bodyfit, phytosonic, and body3complex, all of which have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials.

Cellumatrix has a very balanced consistency--not too thick, not too runny. It looks and feels like a creamy lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

There is a slight fragrance, but it's quite pleasant and not over-bearing. Other cellulite creams often have a medical odor, so you end up smelling like you've just stepped out of a clinic. Cellumatrix's subtle fragrance is actually a selling point.

Within about four weeks of daily use, there was noticeable reduction in the waistline and belly, and visibly tighter and more youthful skin. I lost over the full dress size and could not believe how good my body looked. This isn't just the type of change that you think you see, either. You will begin noticing that people will come up to you and ask you what you've been doing differently to have lost so much weight and look so good.


Cellumatrix is free of both harmful Parabens and hazardous Phthalates, so you don't have to take any chances with your health. Additionally, it hasn’t been tested on animals, so your conscience is safe as well.

There was no stinging or irritation experienced with this product; rather, it's quite soothing and hydrating.


Many of the truly effective cellulite creams sell for over a hundred dollars, so we were expecting to pay at least that much for something this outstanding. However, Cellumatrix is only $72--an excellent price for a product of this quality!

In addition, instead of the standard 1.7 ounce size bottle, Cellumatrix now comes in the full 3 ounce container absolutely free, giving you nearly twice as much for the same price. When you think that you can drop dress sizes faster than you can replace your wardrobe for less than $25 a month, it makes Cellumatrix a no-brainer.

Another thing worth mentioning is that many women reported saving money on foundation after using Cellumatrix because their skin tone became more even than ever before. This further adds to the product's value!


Simply put, Cellumatrix Body Sculpting Cream is the type of product that gets you noticed at parties. It outperformed everything else we tried and at a price that's very comfortable.

If you’re looking to take control over your weight, figure, and misbehaving skin, then Cellumatrix is the best cellulite cream you can buy.

Customer Testimonials:

What do first time users have to say?

Here's some direct feedback...

Laura Ralian- Los Angeles, CA

I love this! Tried a lot of “fat removal creams” in the past.. Some work, some not so much.. But when the warning for Phthalates came out with the reports of it causing tumors and such, I FREAKED OUT! I completely stopped using any type of product with Phthalates– which is in almost all cellulite creams.. When I saw that Cellumatrix had none I decided to try it.. The results are fabulous! This is up there with some of the top slimming products I’ve ever tried. I totally told all my girls on facebook, and my mom too!

Kim Chen - Chicago, IL

I jused to have bad stretch marks and hated how much loose skin I had after i lost a bunch of weight. It erased the marks like they were never there. I catch my husband looking at my body like its the first time he's seen it in years. Makes me feel beautiful again.

Teresa Nunez -New York, NY

I actually found out about this product from a male friend of mine who works as a skin care consultant. My body is a bit uneven in places and I have some dimpling and fat under my arms and on my belly that i think are from too many sweets when I was younger (I have a bad sweet tooth). So when he offered to give me the tail end of his bottle to try it out, I jumped on the offer. After all, raising a family in the city is expensive and I dont like to waste money on products that don't work. By the end of his supply I was sold. My skin is noticably tighter, like one of those beautiful little porcelain dolls except with a bit more of a healthy glow. It took away all the dimpling and jiggle and my girlfriends wont leave me alone trying to figure out what I used.

And this is a set of before & after photos that one of our users sent in. Check out the results she had after a few weeks of daily use:



Here's a pic from a woman in Texas who saw incredible changes in six weeks and can't wait to see what happens next:


And when we asked a professional reviewer to try it out for a few weeks, this is what she said:

  "I have been using the product on my belly and thighs for about three weeks now. Each morning and/or evening, I use a light layer to cover much of my body, and it has worked like magic! I'm now a size three for the first time in my life. My stomach looks fabulous and I now feel comfortable wearing short dresses that show more of my upper legs. I have also noticed that the people close to me cant stop talking about the difference they see in my figure."
-- Sian @ The Makeup Blogger

Cellumatrix FAQ

What IS Cellumatrix?

Cellumatrix is a high performance formula that combats fat and loose skin tone for a sculpted figure that people notice. It aids in the reduction of stretch marks, fat pockets, dimples, and that unwanted orange peel texture, all while promoting tighter skin.

How does Cellumatrix work?

Cellumatrix is an advanced contouring and perfecting cream that utilizes an advanced mixture of seaweed, natural botanical extracts, and cutting edge patented ingredients clinically proven to help you drop up to a full dress size in the first month alone. It sculpts and slims the areas that need it the most, reducing the appearance of cellulite, sagging skin, and stretch marks. It also tightens and tones, giving your body and skin a more firmed appearance!

Why should I choose Cellumatrix?

Cellumatrix uses only the most effective and innovative ingredients to deliver the ultimate body transformation. The powerful blend of Bodyfit, Intenslim, Phytosonic, Body3Complex, and Seaweed all work together flawlessly to help you slim down and look amazing. Here's how:

  • Bodyfit smoothes dimples away, and is clinically proven to tighten skin up to 20% with daily application. Skin roughness also drops by 43% - smoothing out dimples with each use. This is because when this active comes in contact with adipose tissue it works to replace it with tissue possessing fibroblastic characteristics with contractile properties.

  • Intenslim is clinically proven to help you lose up to 1 dress size in less than one month, by helping you shed around 1.5 inches from your waist from daily application in that first month alone. It accomplishes via the promotion of desnutrin synthesis, a key enzyme in lipolysis activation while soothing the inflammation reaction caused by trans fatty acids and stimulates the synthesis of elastin in order to help the adipocytes to return to their original shape. Adipocytes, when out of their proper confines, are the reason dimpling occurs. Sustained lipolysis breaks down fats and provides the cosmetic “tummy tuck” feature.

  • Phytosonic Adipocytes (one of the key players in creating “dimples”) are stretched out due to increases in weight and the breakdown of elastin with age. This active corrects this by helping skin cells whip themselves back into shape by reducing their size by approximately 29% via enhanced levels of stronger elastin ties.

  • BODY3 COMPLEX includes Bentonite which has clinically been proven to reduce the color, length and overall appearance of stretch marks by 22%. Shea butter extract stimulates the synthesis of ZAG (a protein secreted by adipocytes and keratonocytes aka fat cells), which binds to a receptor to encourage lipolysis i.e. fat breakdown. Avocado seed extract stimulates the production of SKALP (an elastase inhibiter) to reduce breakdown of firmness in the dermis as well as prevent the break through of adipocytes that cause dimpling. Overall, this active decreases fat clusters, leading to dermis redensification meaning younger and firmer looking skin.

  • Seaweed that is wild harvested from the highest quality regions and contains natural levels of body sculpting caffeine. This active builds from traditional homeopathic remedies for cellulite. It encourages water retention drainage as well as a brief tightening in the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

When will I see results?

Most women begin noticing a visible difference in their skin tightness in as little as 2 weeks and a dramatic improvement in their dress size, figure, and youthful appearance in an average of 4 weeks!

How do I use Cellumatrix?

Using a pea or dime sized amount on fingertips, massage onto problem areas in light circular motions moving upwards. Remember when applying a skincare product, never tug or pull down on the skin. Instead, move against gravity to protect and preserve skin elasticity.

Is Cellumatrix suitable for all skin types?

Yes! All skin types can benefit from Cellumatrix's advanced sculpting formula to achieve a slimmer and more beautiful body.

What is the recommended age group for Cellumatrix?

Absolutely anyone can use Cellumatrix! Its contouring properties work to bring a tight and sculpted body to anyone who could use some help. Women with more mature skin can benefit from its incredible ability to minimize the look of loose skin and stretch marks while dropping in clothing size. Younger women, too can use Cellumatrix's proactive ingredients to help give you the whole-body beautiful figure that you deserve.

I have sensitive skin... can I still use Cellumatrix?

Absolutely! Cellumatrix is naturally formulated, hypoallergenic AND non-acnegenic. This means that not only will it not irritate your skin but it will also deliver all its benefits safely and without clogging your pores.

What does it feel like to use Cellumatrix?

Cellumatrix is a creamy product that is easily smoothed over the skin. Despite its thicker consistency it does not leave a residue on the skin.

Is Cellumatrix tested on animals?

Absolutely not. All of City Cosmetics products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.



A month worth of Cellumatrix is $67. That means it’s only costing you $67 for the slim, beautiful figure that will get you noticed.

While we think Cellumatrix is worth every penny, we’re so excited that City Cosmetics is having a MAJOR SALE right now so you can experience Cellumatrix without having to commit to the full price.

They’re offering first time customers up to 45% Off AND free shipping! While you’ll see results with your first tube, City Cosmetics is offering HUGE discounts when you buy multiple bottles to maintain your new figure and prevent future cellulite and stretch marks!

The only downside is that this limited-time offer is expiring soon, so take advantage like I did before it’s too late!


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Cellumatrix has one of the strongest guarantees in the industry and they stand behind their effectiveness. If you don't experience the results described, City Cosmetics wants you return the product for a full refund!

Our thoughts? We tested the City Cosmetics guarantee. We didn't encounter any problems and the full refund process went very smoothly!

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