The best (and most affordable) language learning software.



Language learning has never been easy, for children and adults alike; but with technology catching up to language learning methods, great apps and software are coming out that’ll get you ordering your favorite dishes with perfect pronunciation in no time.   Fluent Forever             A successfully-funded Kickstarter project, Fluent Forever [...]

Let Your Phone Work For You: A Guide to the Best Productivity Apps.


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With an endless array of apps that help keep you organize but tend to be all the same, it’s easy to get discouraged and stop searching for that app that’ll have a positive impact in your daily routine. Here are the top apps to keep you in track and keep your eyes on the prize. [...]

Top Cool Gadgets for 2014… That Are Actually Worth It.


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  QardioCore Heart Monitor   This device comes with the QardioApp and it’s able to record a full medical ECG, monitor it and even send the data directly to your doctor. It also monitors heart rate, levels of physical activity, body temperature changes and much more. Although the price is a bit steep at $449.00, [...]

10 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Next Camping Trip



Sleeping under the stars can be a thrill. However, if you lack the proper equipment it can be a nightmare. Before you trek into the wilderness make sure you have these 10 must-have gadgets for your next camping trip. You may be surprised how things have changed.   The Earl Tablet   This is a [...]

4 iPad Apps To Control Your Home



We live in an Apple culture, and with that, there is an application (app) for everything. The iPad – Apple’s touch screen tablet – has moved far beyond the novelty phase and people can no longer leave home without the iPad. Appliances bought for our homes can now be connected to Wifi, and with that, [...]

Is Google Glass The Next Big Thing?



At one point, Google Glass was speculated by tech enthusiasts as a myth, never to be seen by human eyes. In February 2013, the Google Glass “Explorer Program” was launched, allowing people to apply into the program. The requirements were fairly simple: Applicants had to state why they should be one of the lucky few, [...]

Top 5 Ultrabooks



For those who are searching for a lightweight, compact way to carry their PC around with them, traditional laptops seem to be a thing of the past. Ultrabooks are the new and improved way to take your entertainment and business with you wherever you go. But, with every PC maker releasing their own version of an ultrabook it [...]

Top 5 Android Tablets



As more and more individuals are falling in love with the ease of use that the Android operating system has to offer, the demand for smaller mobile technology has only increased. Android tablets have begun taking the market by storm, and while you might find some that are rather affordable, you want to be sure that you are [...]

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Review



In the past, if you wanted to track your run and really know how far you’re jogging, you had to drive the route with your car and keep an eye on the odometer. These days however, everyone has a GPS unit in their pocket, so getting lost or not knowing how far you’ve gone is [...]

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station Review



Several of us are Mac users here at Consumers Guides, so there’s a certain faction of our staff that always jumps at the chance to review Apple products. The AirPort Extreme Base Station is the latest WiFi router offering from Cupertino. The latest generation AirPort claims to have three times the speed of the previous [...]