Shoes Under: The Perfect Tool for Shoe Lovers


Having trouble keeping all your shoes together with such a limited space in your room? Worry no more! A very innovative piece of  contraption has now been invented for your shoe storage needs and it is called the Shoes Under. You don’t even have to have a lot of pairs to be able to appreciate how useful Shoes Under is. You can use it for all the shoe pairs you have at home and keep it all under one place where everyone can find it.

Shoes Under is shaped like a drawer with 12 divided compartments where you can store 12 shoe pairs. It is made up of a sturdy, box-like material, and the shoe compartments are covered with a transparent plastic-like materials so that you can see all your shoes inside. This way, it’ll be easy for you to pick out a pair for any outfit you might want to wear for the day. This cover is sealed with a zipper that’s been double-stitched to the body so that it’ll last long even if you keep opening and closing it everyday. It also keeps dust and moisture out.

What’s great about Shoes Under is that it doesn’t consume any space of its own. Rather, you can easily slip it under your bed or your closet. In other words, you can keep it anywhere as long as it fits. Unlike your conventional shoe racks or simply keeping your shoes in their boxes, Shoes Under doesn’t consume much space in your closet or on your bedroom floor. With its nylon handles, you can store it and pull it out from anywhere, whether you position it lengthwise or crosswise.

You can get not only one, but two Shoes Under for only $10. From it’s original price which is $19.99, they offer it at half price plus another one free. It’s really a great deal for all you shoe lovers out there. Or if you want, you can even store other things in it like socks, belts or anything as long as it fits the compartments.

In sum, Shoes Under is a wonderful alternative for big shoe dividers that costs more and takes a lot from your home space.

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