10 Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off


Often times people think they’re getting a deal just because the company selling them the product or service says they are.  However, that is not always the case.  This article will discuss ten different products or services that people are getting ripped off on.

One thing people are getting ripped off on is airline club memberships.  People were paying $475 total last year for the United Airlines’ Red Carpet Club in order to get a luxurious ride.  However, one can just pay $375 and get a United Mileage Plus Visa Card.  This card comes with the Red Carpet Club membership, and it even collects airline miles.

A second thing that people are getting ripped off on are fitness shoes.   There are shoes with curved-soles that are supposed to be so good for a person’s feet.  They also cost well over $100.  The thing is that these shoes are known to negatively affect the foot and the ankle.

A third thing that people are getting ripped off on are college textbooks.  Students can expect to pay up to and sometimes over $500 per semester on textbooks.  New editions come out every few years, and they are much more expensive than the used earlier editions.  A good way to avoid this is to look up some web sites online that offer these textbooks at a better deal.

A fourth thing that people are getting ripped off on is travel insurance.  People spend a lot of money on travel insurance when other forms of insurance can protect against the same things.  For example, homeowners’ insurance sometimes covers lost bags and luggage.

The fifth thing that people are getting ripped off on are ready-to-drink baby formulas.  People spend a lot of money to buy these things when they can buy the powder separately at a much cheaper price and mix it themselves.

The sixth thing that people are getting ripped off on are credit card gift cards.  Credit card companies are charging a few dollars for its cards no matter what kind of card it is.  Also, small monthly fees are also added to some of these gift cards.  Using cash is a good way to avoid this.

A seventh thing that people are getting ripped off on is prepackaged deli meat.  Some stores sell prepackaged deli meat for over $4.00 for four ounces while one could get the same four ounces from the deli counter for just over $3.00.

An eight thing that people are really getting ripped off on are germ-fighting supplements.  These products say that they help fight germs, but it’s actually false advertising.  That’s why the companies had to change the words on their packaging.

A ninth thing that people are getting ripped off on is title insurance.  Sometimes a real estate broker will persuade a person buying a home to a title company just because the broker has good relations with that company, and it probably isn’t the best deal around.  Shop around to avoid this from happening.

The tenth and final thing on this list that people are getting ripped off on is cable television.  Cable companies throw in a bunch of channels into the basic channel group in order to charge more, and most of the channels aren’t even watched.  This can be avoided by going to other companies for television shows or movies.

I hope this article has been very beneficial.  I hope those who have read it have come away with the understanding that there are a bunch of little things that companies are trying to do to rip them off, and there are things that can be done about this.

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