10 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Next Camping Trip


Sleeping under the stars can be a thrill. However, if you lack the proper equipment it can be a nightmare. Before you trek into the wilderness make sure you have these 10 must-have gadgets for your next camping trip. You may be surprised how things have changed.


The Earl Tablet


This is a low energy E-Ink screen device powered into the Android 4.1 operating system that fuels a precise direction, location and elevation GPS; predicts upcoming weather patterns; transmits by voice or text; plays radio and includes a built in anemometer for wind speed measurement. About $300.


SteriPen Water Purifier


You are in pretty good shape when your water is 99.9% clean. The SteriPen gets there using UV rays to clean up water instead of foul tasting iodine pills. $90


BioLite Camp Stove


$130 gets you a stove that cooks solely using twigs (no gas!) and from burning these twigs generates enough electricity to charge your device via USB.


Pocket Shower


A satchel-like pouch that hangs from a tree warming 2.6 gallons of water in the sun and turning it into a shower that slowly sprinkles out of the balloon knot end. $30


Solarmonkey Solar Charger


It is a rugged (water and shock resistant) clamshell solar panel with the ability to charge  any device. It has an internal battery for multiple charging and can be opened and mounted on a backpack for constant sunlight access while hiking. About $130.


Sol Origin Survival Tool


This is a compact life saving gadget with a 100 decibel whistle that can be heard a mile away, one handed fire starter, 20 mile rescue flash and steel blade all in a waterproof box. $30


Japanese Pill Towels


Technically not a gadget but definitely ‘gadget-esque’, Japanese Pill Towels are tiny pill shapes that when held underwater blossom into a full size hand towel for all sorts of uses. $8

Pocket Chainsaw


Yup, that’s what it is. High strength, heat treated steel, with 124 bi-directional teeth that can cut through a 3” tree trunk in 10 seconds. Weighs 5 oz. and comes coiled in its own carrying can. $30


NiteCore TM26 “Tiny Monster” 3500 Lumen Flashlight


Smallest 3500 lumen LED portable aircraft aluminum flashlight. It runs on 4 rechargeable batteries (charged in the device) and holds a max of 1000 hours of energy. It is waterproof, has thermal protection and an OLED screen displaying hours left, battery strength, device temperature and brightness setting. $55-$400

FireStar Fire Piston


This is a handheld piston that uses air to create combustion. Place a pinch of tinder into the small cap of the piston, pop it into the chamber with one swift push and out comes a glowing ember. Drop the ember into a micro-bundle of dry brush and it fires up in no time. $65


These 10 must-have gadgets for your next camping trip will keep you safe, warm and on the radar. Plus, you’ll be looked at as a little cooler than before.

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